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Grinding Sound from Gearbox - Few General Questions

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Hi guys, I've got a few general questions that have been stressing me out like none other.

I have a 2002, ADM 200SX S15.

120,000kms on it.

Almost completely stock; dose pipe, exhaust and small boost increase.


Problem 1

This one is really stressing me;

Any time I put it into any gear, as I initially put it into gear and accelerate; I hear this odd rattling/grinding sound coming from near the front of the car but not as far front as the engine.

This sound comes regardless of which gear I put it in and will only last maybe 3 seconds after I have just put it into gear and as soon as I accelerate a little.


I have also noticed it lasts a little longer or comes back when I turn left and accelerate?

I had the clutch replaced about 6 months ago to an excedy heavy duty, this sound has been coming for about 1-2 months maximum.


Problem 2

There is a rattling sound that comes from the engine when I start the car cold. It completely goes away and doesn't come back if I put the car into gear and start moving.

It also speeds up if I leave it in neutral and accelerate a little (before putting it in gear).

This is been there for at least 6 months now.


Any help on these issues would be hugeeeely appreciated, thanks heaps.

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