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Running 23-25psi on stock head gasket on 180sx ARP HEAD STUDS

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I'll be installing my gen2 gtx2860r turbo soon. Apparently these things love boost so I want to run 23-25psi on e85.


I will also be installing poncams and ARP HEAD STUDS (since im removing the cams I will have access to the head bolts).


Changing the head gasket is quite a bit more work. How much boost can the stock head gasket on a 180sx take? Will ARP HEAD BOLTS help?


I don't really want to mess with taking the head off as im a noob and will be doing the work myself.


I ran 20psi on my s15 for years on pump 98 and stock head bolts and gasket but I dont know if the 180sx is different?

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