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Ebc help! Turbo smart v greedy?

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Hi guys need help with picking a ebc

Its ether turbo smart eboost2 or greedy Profec? Turbo smart is 100dollers more. And is like a gauge greedy profec is flat and looks like a better unit!



What do you guys suggest which is the better one cheers!

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I went with the greddy profec OLED. Its modern, small and easy to use and most important super easy to install. Even I could follow the instructions and I'm useless with instruction manuals. Its also well priced at like $350. I got mine from RHDJapan. Very cheap there as they often have specials.


Check out this thread I made earlier in the year on boost controllers. It actually has quite a few replies which on this forum is a rarity these days.



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