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Diff Clearance - 4.6 - 4.9 - Kazz

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Hi guys

I'm having a diff clearance to go GTR rear. Hence I am negotiable on prices and will look for trade or swap on GTR rear axles, hubs, diff, diff centres, half shafts etc. Ideally chasing a GTs4 4.375 diff.

1 x 4.636 - R200 Kazz 2-way. Shimmed super tight and professionally assembled in Melbourne by previous owner. In good condition and never had any issues. 5 x 1 and Non ABS. - $900 

1 x 4.9 - R200. This is only a weldy, but has been properly welded and assembled.  5 x 1 and Non ABS - $800

As everyone knows these ratios are super hard to get and the price of the 4.9 reflects the going rate for just 4.9 crown wheel and pinions.

Willing to post and have nothing to hide, I have both 4 and 2 bolt rear hats, so can sell with either.

Location - Launceston, Tasmania. 

But postage is no issue and looks to be around $100 for VIC/NSW


Pictures on request, but honestly these are diffs guys.

Brodie Maher

DCA super matsuri.jpg

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