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Rb25det S15 swap gearbox mount help

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Im currently part way through a rb25det neo swap into my S15 silvia.

Car was factory sr20de auto but was manual converted previously.

I am using r33 front subframe and engine mounts and am using the stock sr20de gearbox with a rb20de bellhousing to make the box the same as a factory rb20det small box.

My issue is the gearbox is sitting around 1.5inchs further back than factory location so the mount doesnt fit and the driveshaft is too long.

Everything I read online said using this small box means I can retain factory driveshaft without mods. Was this wrong? 

Is there a different crossmember I could use? How can I use factory driveshaft??



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id personally save up a bit and run a 350z box or rb25det box? is that a option?


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