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S15 Tyre Placard

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Hey Guys,

So this morning my lovely local highway patrol decided that they would pull over because 'my rear tyres looked a bit large" and that's where the fun began.

So there was a few things that he decided to get me on. And one of them was for not having a tyre placard on the vehicle. From other forums and websites, it says that there should be one on the centre console lid.

Would there be somewhere else that it would be located on an import?

If not, where could i source one for?

Vehicle -  '99 S15 Spec R Import

Thanks in advance!!

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Normally tyre placard is inside drivers door sill, near the latch.

Get one from here.


Also if you can print onto waterproof paper you could make up one yourself. You could even add additional tyre sizes, if the sizes are within reason (i.e. same rolling circumference as stock).

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