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Musicians on NS {fast becoming the Muso VS Dj's thread}

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Guitarist here, have played for about 14 years. Started out learning classical and then moved into Blues Rock style music. Played in a few different bands but never as an actual career interest! Gigged a few times in pubs around Adelaide under about 5 different names :lol:


Just getting back in on the scene now --> Hating myself for selling off all my equipment when I though I was over it a few years ago. I only kept three of my guitars, a little Laney TF300 amp and my boss pedals; the guitars comprise of a classical nylon string, a semi-acoustic and an old hot-rodded EX series Ibanez. The Ibanez (my band call it 'frankie' short for Frankenstein as it barely has an original part left on it) is reminding me of the basics, and the music we are playing now is along the lines of Korn, Alice in Chains, System of a Down etc so it is in it's element.


I had some f*cking great gear when I was playing regularly -> Les Paul Black Beauty, PRS Custom 24 and an Ernie Ball Music Man. I ran a Mesa Boogie head through a quad-stack and I still have my Boss pedals and a new little toy called an ME-50.


Looks like I will slaughter my bank balance over the next few months building up my arsenal again :lol:


BTW: I have a few mates that are Musicians & DJ's --> Fact of the matter is there is just no money around for bands anymore, DJ'ing is far more economically viable than playing any instrument. I personally only play for soul food & personal satisfaction, music is a great release and playing and instrument is a privilege.



Hmm... I really like that.

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