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Big Day out officially kicks off in Australia today, starting here in the Sunshine State at Parklands Stadium on the Gold Coast.


I had my name down for that rediculous ballot (clearly it is rediculous because it was of no help to me!), and despite drinking 6 cans of V per day to try to win tickets (ok, slight exaggeration) I still find myself ticketless :( So before I continue I would like to hold a minutes silence, it's just so unfortunate...









I'm not all sour grapes though. If you were fortunate enough to manage tickets, I would love to hear your reports of the next few weeks events (ie. BDO touring state to state).


Tell us about your favourite performance. Who were you most interested to see, and did they live up to your expectations? Who surprised you? Favourite crowd moment? :lol:


Hope you guys stay safe and have fun!

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I almost got crushed to death in the D barrier entrance :lol: and i got burnt pretty bad


Other than that was a good day..


Something with numbers and operator please were a good start to the day, both performed well


Regurgitator sounded really good, I enjoyed their set


Grinspoon were not as good as I thought they'd be.. their music is good but stage presence sucked


Silverchair sucked. wasn't expecting anything great from them


Bjork was weird.. wasnt a very good warmup for rage, alot of people were chanting things like 'f**k off bjork' or rage rage rage


Rage were f**king awesome. nuff said

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Operator Please - Please stop making "music".


Regurgitator - Good stuff.


Hilltop Hoods - A fine performance even though there were a few difficulties and the band/string quartet were awesome.


Grinspoon - Meh.


Bjork - And here I was thinking that all the trippers were in the boiler room. She pranced around on stage in a rainbow tent for an hour singing songs that nobody knew or wanted to know.


Rage - Great to see them live, but drop a new song please!


Faker - Not really into them, but they were cool.


Gyroscope - Great.


Boiler Room - Generally good overall, I was really impressed with most of the acts.

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I won the ballot in the first week so im happy.


i wanna see


Hilltop Hoods








ill update wat i thought after friday.

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Thanks guys.


Jum - Almost crushed and burnt pretty bad :lol: Your BDO experience was complete. Grinspoon were a let down :(


PEANUT 180 - "Operator Please - please stop making 'music'" - Gold


mregres - U SUCK! :P yes, please update us.

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Oh yeah, a big thanks to the random chicks who kicked me in the ribs and got me to drive their car home! They saved me a few hours of waiting for a bus. :lol:

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