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DIY S15 HSD HS coilover installation and review

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Pros: Value for money

On the circuit its no tein super streeters

Heigh, bump and rebound adjustable

Not a noisie coilover


Cons: On the street, its no tein super streeters though its something you can live with.

No ABS bracket

Mucking around with the brake line bracket


Aprox time: 12 hours.


Tools required.









braker bar

cable ties

clip remover/flat blade screw driver





Jack front up

Remove tires.

Remove the brake line clip.

Remove abs wire holder bracket bolt 12 socket


Removin front suspension: 17 and 19 sockets required, use the braker bar to speed things up.

Warning: Once the 2 bolts and nuts are remove the brake rotor assembly with the weight will inclined to the outside and can damage the brake line.

Once nuts and bolts are off, move the brake line out of the way. Undo three top nut with a 14 socket.


Installind new front suspension: Make sure you have a jack under the arm. Do up the three top bolts and make sure the brake line is not in the way. With the jack raise the heigh to match the heigh of the suspension and keep your eye on the brake line. Re install nuts and bolts with the braker bar. Move the brake line onto the bracket (its hard than it sounds) you might have to bent the brake line and or bracket to make the clip fit, install clip. Use cable ties to mount the abs bracket/or drill a hole to the existing bracket with a bolt and nut. Move tire to full lock, check if abs wire is fully extend and about to snap.





Jack rear up

Remove tires


Removing rear suspension: With a 17 socket undo the bottom bolt (17) and with the braker bar pull the shock out to the side. Inside the car, with a clip remover and 12 and 14 socket, remove clip, stop light and bolt with spacer (12) on the rear parcel shelf. Rear parcel is held with clips. Undo two top nuts with 14 socket.


Installing new front suspension: Put the two top nuts, you might want to adjust your damping as the rear parcel shelf will be going back on. On the bottom do up 17 bolt with the braker bar.




Edit: For s15 owners who are planning in using factory rims, the tire hits the coilover but a 5mm spacer fixes the problem, also if you are planning on running a heigh of over 30mm from the tire to the guard forget it, im running the minimum 15mm thread advised by otomoto.(15-20mm min)Compressing the spring will increase ride height to also stiffens the ride.

21/11/10 - The OEM rims didn't fit and the shock was shaped like a banana because when a macpherson struct is lowered the line between the tower and the hub becomes more vertical, this wouldn't be problem with pillow ball tops (which later I upgraded to HR's because the top hat holding the shock flexed out of shape), also at the track the front coilovers failed like at no bump.

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Handy info:thumbsup:

But did it realy take you 12 hours?:wtf1:

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Around that, removing old shocks, making dummy bracket for abs and then installing everything.



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