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The Rap Battle Thread

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i bet your schoolies was crap

u spent most of ur time creating ur last rap

man what a complete waste

you coulda spent it gettin shitfaced


while partying did u score?

bet u spent all ur saved alcohol money on a whore!!

after that, you was poor

and that azn(ladyboy) u had anal sex with, had u not to sure ;)


as victory once said "quality over quantity"

but all i read was blah blah yappidee

always a brides maid, never a bride

man suck it up, or lose your pride!

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Hus was probably at the hospital, to get his ass look at.

Not because it was fat, but because it was filled with his friend matt.

Hus, if your homosexual I dont care, just try and not use my d*ck as a chair, and will be best friends forever I swear.

You really needer come out of the closet and declare, that your gayer then the guy who hosted millionaire.

As for you sssn14, theres no need to sweat.

Because if your raps where your income, you'd be in a shit load of debt.


This rap may be too much for you both to comprehend.

Dont go try and act all smart on me, because Ill know its all pretend.

So let me extend and invitation to my party, I hope you attend.

It aint cheap you'll have to spend, if you dont got any money im happy to lend.

Under one condition, better pay me back, or Ill have your neck in a bend.

Beat you up so fast, woont have time to defend.

And that the story of your life, beginning to end.

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all i can say is


schoolies was the bomb.


i was drunk/high about 90% of the time.

and i did score. but its too dirty for the little kiddies to read here :P


now my rap


my verses break you down, you look at me with a frown

i leave you sick, confused, all you see is brown

where is my crown? someones gonna get a beatdown!

ima keep rapping until my name is renown

all these verbs, adjectives, comprehension and nouns

arrange them like a jigsaw puzzle into a rhythmical poem now


from vs i hear nothing but cries

i dont think he realize

how much evil i have in my eyes

calling for friendship, truce, its all a disguise

you can catch your train while i cruise the skies


and the punt about me being homo?

at least my dick works, yours is in slow mo

by the time you get hard the guy is on the go

out the door, man you look so poor

hanging there with a limp dick thinking "im a faggot for sure"

so pack your bags, i feel like giving

ill take you on your one way trip to death city

Edited by superhus!

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Drunk/high 90% of the time, dont think we wanna know what THING you scored with. :lol::P



"im a faggot for sure"

"so pack your bags, i feel like giving"

"by the time you get hard the guy is on the go"


quoted from superhus's passage, pretty much sums it up :)



lets see wat u come up with to that :P

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seef use my own lines against me :ph34r:


and vs i got more pussy in 6 days than you could in a year :P




HANG ON! i win! you didnt reply with a rap! :o



Edited by superhus!

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You say you get more pussy in 6 days, then what I get in a year.

Man I get more chicks then you and I dont need to get them drunk on beer.

Im serious, they just come up to me and volunteer.

So I get them on their knees, so they can suck on my gear.

I think sssn14's post made it quite clear, that your bloody queer.

I sure Im pretty sure in one of your other raps, you said you take it up the rear.




You lose :P

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im da king rapper

i post up a pic of myself

you become da king fapper


you introduce me to ur mum

but i refer to her as da big slapper

you have a sad, you cry

but mate, wat do u expect..i dont lie!


i guess it is bout time for a thread revival

this thread was once, our only survival

last post was made 29th december

by a guy i refered to as my rival



sorry couldnt really think of much, but we need to keep the thread going haha

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sssn four-teen

its time to drop the hand bag and get mean

that emo bitch in your DP is the doggest bitch i've ever seen

she's outta your leage and aged between twelve to thir-teen/


for real B that bitch is out of order

she needs to do somthing, maybe get an eatin disorder

oh snap its proberbly your daughter.

i guess i just crossed the border/


ill cut it off right now and wait for a reply

so i can finish you off and watch your E-fame die.

ill come out still king, and you'll walk off and cry



haha sorry for the insults but im only good at abuse >

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you rekon your names witty

but kid thats straight shitty

you talkin about e fame

when the shit you dribbles lame


all i hear is a dog that cant bark

and what about last week, havin sex in the dark

you put on a brave front

you wanna biff, take a punt


your like a bee without a sting

or your father without a needle

i heard you was a mummas boy

and your sisters boyfriend plays you like a toy


some even say your a one second wonder

you in and straight out, boy thats a blunder

by the way, your girl has no titties

or teeth. you said you was from burncity


you dissin ssn but i heard he had it with your mum

he said shes got a tight ass and his jizz stuck to her like gum

you just trippin if you think you a gangsta

you nothing but a soldier


man...i suck

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sixteen year old cassanova thats some wack shit

you've proberbly never seen a pussy son always on the dick

commin to mean sayin i last one second, and shit about my mum

shit son i dont need to f**k a bitch my flow will make em come../


callin me a bee with no sting?

get real bitch, im like Henry the eight... king.

any time your free come to the ring

i think its about time you leave..

my last line made it hard for you to breath/


im too tired for this shit at the moment

so ill finish you off after u and boyfriend have an anolment.





haha im too tired from work to think that'll do

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Its time to take out the thrash, and take out all you wannabes

Destroying this thread, like a really bad heart disease

Dont try to keep up with me, because this thread is one of my expertise

So just start praying and worshiping me, you heard me, bitch get on your knees


I proclaim you guys lame, with that shitty flame

Dont try to take a shot at me, cause Im a good aim

Trying to act different all you possers are the same

I go now, and let you guys acclaim



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super hus, in the yellow school bus,

schooling you wont even be a fus

destroying your broady ass is a must./


broady ay? you say it like your proud

must be fun to roll with a heroin addict crowd.

rockin there moccys and VBs

don't you get it kid you'll never beat me./


im too complex and lyrically better

my flows are so smooth im gettin the girls wetter...

then you that is, with everything you've got

im like the wether at the moment, just too dam hot./


i guess im down for now so i'll say later

now watch his reply, this toy will be a hater..

you need to know that im much greater.../



ugghh that sucked im WAY to scattered.

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Listen up, you're about to be told

The only job you'll ever get is controlling a cold

My lines are bold, but you go as far as chokin on pole

and i know you'll never stand up cause you're likely to fold

You thought you'd get a witty name, makin it wittyname

shame this'll make you shitty it's a pity it's lame



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the dave, its about time for you to wave..

good bye ---- because its the last time anyone will ever see ya

ill kill you slow and painfully like emphysema/


i am jobless at the moment isn't that funny?

guess what, im still richer then you makin blood money

and i get the hottest hunnys, girls who should be play boy bunnys

so come over here and sit down sonny/


your proberbly gonna bite my last verse

only think it'll be alot worse

complex lyrisism is my curse, your only curse is your ugly man purse

but after you read this you'll be leavin in a hurse.

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winnar, winnar? get f**ked ura pinna!

ur about as good as an eathos house at dinner.

no food to eat no bitch to greet.

mother f**ker bow at my feet.


this ebattle shit is pretty shitty

almost as bad as that *milkshake* named whitty

thinks he's such a hecktic battler

i've heard better shit come out of a babies rattler.

i know my flow sucks

but so does ur mother

u should have seen the bitch go down on ya brother

f**k this shit i've had enough

im off for a puff

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Dr Bongs aka one eighty

you doped up bitch, aint never gonna beat me

your styles are wack and flows suck see

just bite my style if you wanna win, thats the key.


speaking of keys, i should give yours back

i borrowed it too go see your sister

smashed her so hard my dick got a blister,

gave her the old box hill toung twister

then turned around and fist-her

then made her suck my transistor


i went all electrical for you in that last part

you see you gotta know your enemy in this art

im just jokin micky dont take it to the heart

im out lads, gonna have a dart

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it's weird that you rapped about incest one-eighty

i'm here and i'm laying your clapped-out old lady

one-eighty? 100% fag for certain

i'll break into your flat and ejaculate on your curtains

or at night, into your place, slap you in the face

you hate munchin on beaver, but you receive the insertions

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I'm telling all you guys in here, i'm superior

Which would make you guy inferior

Smash and cut up your exterior

Have my blade that is my rhymes, cut deep into your interior


I'm the original and still king of this thread

While you other posers are just plain white bread

I'll shred you with the words that you've just read

Look at the other people that have tried to roll with me..They all fled


Look at superhus declaring himself the winner

Little bitch didn't realise I had him for dinner

I think he has sniffing to much paint thinner

Get out of here superhus I'm the original sinner


Come on superhus, prove to us that your clever

An hit us back with a rhyme instead of just saying "whatever"

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victory spec, thats a f**kin joke

ill destory you physically, mentally, verbally and emotionally

we'll have a vote and count the tally

then you'll see YOULL NEVER BEAT ME./


im like cancer you see

easy to catch, but you can never beat me

my flows are 100% deadly/


this threads a waste of time,

wasting this hiphop skill of mine

wack kids like victory thinking there king

this toy's idea of hip hop is a bling noes ring while his boyfriend blows on his chin./

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How many times do you need to say "beat me" in your rhyme

A crap rap like that is a seriously crime, be careful unless you wanna do time

Look at yourself, thinking you the big star

Forgeting whats its like to mess with a f*cking gangster

Popping bullets off left, right and centre, whilst smoking a cigar

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hey ho look out for the big gangsta.

i dont see nothin just a pathetic little wanksta

ur such a tough little *milkshake* with your rap and your guns

listen up bitch or u'll get stung by my pun

whats wrong u little pussy, cat got your tongue?


popping buletts left and right

more llike catching semen mid flight

ready to bite on ya daddy's fat flash light.


i know my rhymes are pretty sublime

its a crime to spit this shit

its like toxic chemicals combined

i'll make u blind while ya coppin it from behind

i'll be spittin in ya face while ur brothers half way to your large intestine

oh f**k look at the time

im off

nah f**k that thats way to kind

suck my nuts bitch u got owned big time.

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