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Nic's 1994 SILEIGHTY

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wow thanks for all the comments guys smile.gif


n/a I bought the seat and rail together from bride in japan through Jesse Streeter. From memory the rails are pretty reasonably priced.

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So unfortunately I didn't take any photo's while the motor was going in so I'll just post up the ones I took when it was done. My mate Rohan is an awesome fabricator so a big thanks to him for all the time he's put into my car thumbsup.gif




We pulled the motor apart a couple of months ago and rebuilt it with fresh gaskets and did some light porting. There's no turbo in the car at the moment as GCG sent me the wrong .64 housing and we welded up the internal gate already dry.gif


Rohan made up the custom intercooler piping and and rad support from scratch so I could mount the cooler upside down. The intercooler piping can even be rotated to suit either a standard intake manifold or an aftermarket item.




The engine went in easily thanks to the removable rad support and the bonnet hinges got trimmed so they would open up further to making working on it more easy. I decided to the mount oil cooler lines so that they replaced the drivers headlight which I think looks sweet quagmire.gif Once I get a front bumper I'll probably have to move them though.




It's amazing how a fresh coat of paint and a polish makes old parts look new again.




Dropping the engine in lowered the front down a couple of mm's so the tyres scrub now. If it's not too bad I'll just leave it though.




The swaybar is almost touching the ground though, apparently Whiteline ones hang lower than other brands?


That's it for now. I'll update the first post with the new specs soon.

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Damn that's a big stack!


New build looks boss, it's been a year since your last post ... is it up and running yet?

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Not yet, I've been spending all my money on drifting in Japan instead of on this car. Aim is to get a lot better at drifting before I upgrade cars.


I am starting to collect parts for it again though :)

Edited by tsurikawa.

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