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V-Spec Released!

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Further modifications include a titanium-coated exhaust system and carbon-ceramic brakes which were spied earlier this year on a prototype at the Nürburgring for ultimate stopping performance.


Rather than focussing on raw power, Nissan has instead concentrated on refining the handling of the new SpecV, equipping the car with Nismo-spec forged aluminium wheels as standard to reduce unsprung weight.

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yeh i lost interest after i saw the specs nissan released a while back, it's nice but doesnt really live up to the expectations.


these were the confirmed specs of the Spec-V




* Engine output increased to 485 ps

* Transmission mode selection button has been removed

* Overboost button for increased midrange boost during overtaking

* Carbon brakes




* Carbon fibre MFD surround

* Carbon fibre mirror switch surround

* Black interior only

* Silver painted panels are now chrome

* Carbon fibre front seats

* Carbon fibre rear shelf replaces seats




* Carbon fibre grille painted matte clear

* Carbon fibre rear wing painted matte clear

* Carbon fibre ducts in front lip spoiler

* New colour available: Ultimate Black Pearl, this is said to be a purplish black

* Available colours: Ultimate Black Pearl, Brilliant White (new for MY09), Red, Dark Metal Gray, Black


Wheels and Suspension:


* Rays 20″ Forged Aluminum Wheels

* Bilstein Damptronic suspension upgraded, superiour in performance to the Nismo ClubSport package suspension


Optional Extras:


* Dunlop Tires (no cost option)

* Thatcham alarm system

* BOSE Sound System and ETC (Electronic Toll Card system)

* Ultimate Black Pearl Paint - a 577,500 yen option


The Bottom Line


* Base Price: 15,750,000 yen excluding tax

* Fully Optioned: 16,978,500 yen excluding tax




AFAIK the release really hasnt told us anything new, although its pretty typical of what u expect of a V-spec, i was hoping for something more, im just hoping 2 things, 1 that nissan hasnt revealed the true improvements of the spec-v and that on the track it will be quite a bit faster, and 2 that there will be a much more track orientated spec in the near future.

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250k and u still don't get decent rims :(


Expected better esp for the price increase

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decent rims? lol u have better than 20x10.5" forged wheels?

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^^^ i think what he is trying to say is they look cock... which i agree with aswell. they are functional being light weight etc but they could have put more thought into the design of em.



I was pretty stunned to see just exactly how un epic the Spec V was compared to the stocko version plus its another $70k or so more expensive for not alot extra, those brakes are sick and all but the beauty of having a having a good friend of mine that works at Nissan means he comes across some pretty interesting info... such as a complete breake service costing almost $30k!


I had the pleasure of seeing Mark Berry's RGM R35 here at the Townsville hill climbs and yes it was fairly fast and had the HKS 570 kit on it but my god was it a disapointment. Sounded like sewing machine with and exhaust on it and it wasn't even the fastest car there which was suprising aswell but its just not my cup of tea. A local guy that had just finished building up his epic track spec R32 GTR with dry sump fully built 26 and hks gtrs twins, all the good gear went into it and repainted R33 GTR midnight purple. Very Very tough car and just amazing to watch, great sound. i rather enjoyed watching that car compared to the 35 GTR and hey with standard brakes just up graded pads and tein super street coilovers and no suspension arms it was only 3 or so seconds off the 35...


R35 great car technologically, but i'd rather spend $100k on my 33 GTR..

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