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Weird Noise

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Not sure if this is even the right section as i have no idea what is making the noise etc


I have a 1995 GTR R33 Skyline.


This is hard to explain so bare with me....


The car still makes power fine, drives fine and changes gears fine.

But there is a funny noise when in any gear mainly lower down ones 2nd and 3rd inperticular.

Its not when accelerating hard its when its up over say 3000 to 4000 revs and your holding it in a gear, like you should change it but your just steadly holding it not reali accelerating just yer holding it. Not accelerating hard but just steadly holding it. there is a loudish like THRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR sound. Have no idea where its coming from.

But it slowly has got louder in the last few weeks. But again doesnt seem to be getting any worse latley


Its hard to reali explain

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I have the exact same thing.... Mine has been totally rebuilt about 18k ago so most of the stuff is new???

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