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XTREME CLUTCHES.....Made locally in South Australia, and used in countless winning Drift Australia cars!

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can you tell me the differences between the types of clutch... its a JZX100, its my daily driver... i was looking into cushioned button, but got told they wear out pretty fast? what about sprung button? does the motorsport sb make a big difference? are they rebuild-able? i do plan of putting power through this car, so i want a clutch that handles power, easy enough to live with and that i wont have to replace in 18 months. what would you recommend?



If your looking to push decent power then I wouldn't recommend the cusion button style clutches. The Xtreme motorsport clutch is very good value for money and holds 350rwkw! They do last quite some time but very hard to answer how long as there is to many variable such as driving style and exact power out put etc.



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