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Turbo Oil Drain on T25 S13

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Hi all,


I need a new turbo oil drain pipe for my 180sx sr20det, the hose at the bottom of the turbo. I took it to a mechanic because this was leaking oil, he replaced it with what looks to be just a normal rubber tube with no isulation. This lasted bout 2 days and now it is leaking again,


i need a heat resistant hose - 4 ply sillicon i think. Im going to go to Enzed on the weekend (hopefully theyre open) just i dont know what to ask for size etc.... because ive read that i need to get the size right otherwise the oil pressure in the turbo will be affected.


does anyone know what size i need? whats the length and diameter i need? Or better yet anyone have one they can sell me asap?



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Go to Repco and ask for Power steering hose. It worked fine for me.


oil hose is the way to go some poeple use heater hose by it doesnt last long?


can these hoses copp the heat radiating off the turbo though?

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