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Purchasing a vehicle from Inter State

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Hi there,


Just want to know what is the best way to purchase a vehicle from interstate? Because i want to buy this bike from tradingpost but it is in Qld and im in Sydney (private advertisement).


Its actually a project bike priced very cheap so im not to concerned with close inpection of it be4 i buy the pictures are enough at this stage. I dont want to travel all the way up to cairns for it so how would i go about getting the bike from QLD to here? what company is best to contact? whats the safest way to complete the transaction $$wise?


Is there any bargaining power on my part over the phone you reckon?


have you ever purchased a vehicle from a private seller interstate and never went to go see the vehicle? how did you go about organising everything?



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always been scared to buy something interestate witout seeing it for myself.

never know what ur gonna get.

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