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** New Drifting Documentary *** NEW UPDATE

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Hey all,


My name is Luke and im from www.wearedrift.com, below is some information and movies about my new project.

Im trying to produce a full length documentary for the whole community for free with paid advertising via streaming video or for purcahse on DVD. I have given up a lot to try and get this film happening, including my work commitments and living conditons haha. This is going to be something huge but i need help and support from the community im making this film for. This film will not just be about Japanese people but also about foreigners living within Japan, it will show REAL drifting and not just the glamorized high profile drivers we have seen a million times before!


Check out the website to view the latest updates and also see the team behind this production.


Our Website : www.wearedrift.com


Facebook fan page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Drift-Documentary-We-Are-Drift/104463233720



Drifting has been a sport that has been captured and documented in way that has only ever allowed people to see drifting. What this film intends to do is not only to allow people to see the sport and lifestyle of drifting but to feel what drifting is really about through the power of film, to bridge the international gap showing that we all share the same passion and motives. This film will be watched by hundreds and thousands of people world wide for one simple reason, its free. The film will be made for the community by the community at no cost to them so it allows for huge worldwide exposure. The community can actually relate to the people in this film, we are not showing the super starts of the sport but real people just like 95% of the automotive community.


The real driving force of drifting from day one has been the community that has pushed this sport to where its at now. Drifting has come so far but no one has been there to document the movement. I don’t want to let this sport and community go on any further with out peoples tireless efforts and memories being captured and stored forever on film.


I want to capture the real drifting lifestyle and the people involved from all walks of life. The young tight knit local community out on the streets and mountain roads late at night drifting on a strict budget all the way through to the drifters who have been in the sport for 20+ years, how its changed and affected there lives and the community around them. I also want to allow the present community to tweak and mould this film into its final product.








Im trying to gather as much support as i can for this film, so anyone who can help by spreading the word or supporting the site please do so.


This is a film for everyone out there who is in this drifting community, if you know anyone who would be interested in helping please let me know.

I have a business propoal that im about to start sending out to a few companies that have shown interest.





Latest event coverage



Koguchi Kiss





I got closer then this shot, check the link for the whole series of shots.






Ebisu Drift Matsuri Part I





Check the link for more images!!!












Thanks for your time, and hope i have your support on this new project!



Luke Huxham & the WeAreDrift Team.


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Definitely going to keep my eye on this.


Nice work fella !

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Very very cool vids man, i can feel the japland atmosphere. I so want to live there for a year or something.

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Been following the blog for ages + on facebook.. each update its just pictures i cry a little inside because i was hoping for another video.. but if u did that you wouldn't have a dvd would you LOL..

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Following this too, can't wait!

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Im currently getting together some video and info about the 4 main drivers that will have a part in the film.


2 x foreigners living in Japan.

1 x ex D1 driver who got out of the game so he could actually go back to having fun drifting and not dealing with BS that goes with being a D1 Driver.

1 x current D1 driver whos very famous, but i will be highlighting his normal life and the drifting he does when its not in competition.

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Great work Luke!


Love the videos, some of the better ones around, great editing, great music and great coverage.


I have been involved with the drifting community for over 7 years now and it is good to see people are still passionate about it.


Keep up the good work and if there is anything I can do, give me a shout and we will be more than happy to help out!

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