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What do you want out of life?

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One philosophy I try to follow:


Find something you love doing, do that as a job and you'll never "work" another day in your life.

This can work but not always.

Sometimes doing something you love doing everyday for work can actually make you get sick of it and destroy that sense of enjoyment you used to have.


I would love to find a job that I am 100% happy with and actually look forward to coming into each day.


there will never be a job you will want to go to 100% every day. it is impossible. i have a job that i absolutely LOVE and love going to work but i still occasionally have the days where i go `what the f**k am i doing here??` hahaha


as for what i want out of life, its a hard one. there are lots of things i want to do such as travel and see the world, but in order to do those things i have to sacrifice things in the the short term. witch for some people is hard, and hence why some people are still doing the same thing, drinking at the same pubs, and going to the same dead end job 10 years down the track.


im working towards things i want to do and making a list. i dont wanna look back when im 50, on the lounge on a saturday morning, kids running around screaming their heads off and think `i wish i did this` or wonder what would have happened if i went and experienced a bit more of what life and the world has to offer.

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milk and cookies



become a santa claus. you'd get heaps of them


Where do I apply?

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