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Vehicle GPS Tracker only $400 Best on the Market

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Platinum Car Security now offers what we believe to be the best GPS tracker on the market.




Supply Only Price:

$399.00 inc GST

Supply and Fit Price:

$479.00 inc GST



iTrack® AVL100 Asset Tracker is a mini-sized tracking device with full

GPS/GSM capabilities supporting both SMS and GPRS communication


The small sized device is fully self contained with built-in GPS & GSM

antennas as well as an internal battery pack, making it an ideal tracker for

cars, motorcycles, asset tracking and for selected covert operations.

It has 5 wires but only requires 3 wires to power and charge the device for

tracking of an asset.

Simple to install and simple to use with a variety of tracking options available.



- Internal Battery Backup (30hrs Standard) if power to vehicle is disconnect you can still track your vehicle

- 1 x Input for connection to an alarm trigger so you can be notified if your alarm is going off.

- 1 x Ouput so you may SMS the unit and diable your vehicle

- Store up to 3 Guardian phone numbers for alerts

- When trigger the unit sends you location information via but also tries to call you as voice calls get network priority. If you dont answer it will dial the other guardian numbers in order.

- Compact unit smaller than an iPhone

- Built in antennas no need to mount ugly ones on your windscreen


Tracking Options - Basic capabilities are preset from factory where you will receive a SMS with the co-ordiantes of the vehicles location allowing you to input this into mapping software such as Google Maps. This option comes standard with the system and has no ongoing costs except for SIM charges for SMS and Data Usage.

- Mobile Mapping Service, you can upgrade your tracking so you may receive an SMS with a mapping link so you may view your vehicles location, heading, and speed on a map that you can zoom in and out on all from your mobile phone. Please see the images attached for examples of this. This upgrade is a once of setup fee of $120.

- 'Live' online vehicle tracking, where you can login to the iTrack tracking software and view you vehicle online any time. You receive alerts, see historical travel for up to a month and can poll your vehicles location at any time. This incurrs monthly access fees of approximately $30. See image attached for an example of the software.



Additional Information

AVL100 Bike/Asset GPS Tracker is suitable for easy installation in motorbikes & scooters and in assets where space is at a premium. This device is also popular for installations in passenger cars with its no fuss wiring. Track this device from a mobile GSM/3G phone or a smartphone PDA, with option to look up the location via a PC or else, access the mobile Map Service FREE* from ongoing charges.



Obtain immediate alert to your mobile phone if the device input is triggered.


Use a mobile phone or smartphone PDA to retrieve current location from the GPS device.


View MAP location from your mobile phone or smartphone PDA, FREE* of ongoing service charges.



• Australian GSM network support on Telstra, Optus, Vodafone networks

• -159dBm GPS module for ultra high accuracy

• GPRS multi-slot class 10 & mobile station class B

• Support real-time location reporting

• Simple 2 wire installation to power the unit

• Easy installation and field tested for reliability

• Internal battery backup

• Compact Size for easy covert placement : 87 x 47.5 x 18 mm

• Easy installation and field tested for reliability.




1 x AVL100 tracking unit with internal battery

1 x cable assembly for power and I/O wiring

User Guide booklet accessible via Internet.






Platinum Car Security specialises in car security making us the best at what we do because it’s the only thing we do. We stock a wide variety of alarms with something to suit any vehicles security requirements.

We offer product sales and installations along with a consulting service for any car security enquiries. Your vehicles security is our number one priority.


Platinum Car Security has now merged with Ground Zero Tint and opened a workshop at Unit 6/47 Third Ave Blacktown.


Products we offer:



Upgrade Alarms – Use factory remotes

GPS Tracking

SMS Pagers

Sensors Movement, Glass, Tilt etc

Keypad Systems

Central Locking


Benefits of Platinum Car Security:

- Mobile Installation service to Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area

- Lifetime Warranty on ALL Installation Work

- Replacement Warranty on ALL products

- Large Variety of Products and Brand

- 9 Years Active Industry Experience

- Professional Honest Advice

- Specialise in Car Security

- Invoice Provided

- Full Insurance

- Low Prices


Contact Details:


Daniel Gardener


(02) 8840 8593

0411 101 737


02 8088 4785

Email :






97 130 689 262


Payment Options:

Direct Deposit:

Platinum Car Security

BSB: 012233

ACC: 486976192

Cheque / Money Order:

Platinum Car Security

PO BOX 8193

Blacktown NSW 2148



Credit Card:

Mastercard / Visa

Available over the phone.


iTrack123 Service Preview.jpg

SMS 1.jpg

SMS 2.jpg

SMS 3.jpg

SMS 4.jpg

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Hello, I would like to ask.

Does tracking software is working only on google maps? I see there is a lot of features, but what software do I need to get it on work?

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Does it works with any tracking software? I've found one provider. A gps wox provides free tracking software application for smartphone here on https://www.gpswox.com/en/mobile-apps cell phone tracker. They say that program works with any tracking device. But I do not want to believe it so easily. Maybe someone has any other tracking software to suggest?

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