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Mitsubishi Carisma Evo 5

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Hi Guys,


I am thinking of buy this car:




It is a Carisma Evo tho, rebadged for the european market i belive, but i was just wondering is there anything diffent in these evo's compaired to the normal ones? ie same power? brakes? running gear etc, as i was reading in some places online they they use a 4G93? So basically i dont want to buy a lesser car then the normal Evo 5's. Any help would be muchly appreciated.





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Carisma Evo? I've never heard of that before. Maybe its just a badge he placed on the car. Call him and discuss the history of the vehicle.

But as the ad states, its JDM evo 5 and looking at the pics, its got the brembos, and has the normal 4g63t engine. quick car

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