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The latest 47UNE machine

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Ok, well I will start with a bit of a "What have I been up to"


I haven't been on track to drift since my last S13 - The Old 47UNE Silvia






I got into bikes for a couple of years, in particular Adventure Riding, here are some Ride Reports that I did:


Ride Reports Links:


First adventure - Airlie Beach and return

Postie Adventure Ride

Longest Day Ride - Coast to Corner 2008

21 bike group ride




After writing off the last adventure bike on the Coast to Corner ride I was looking for something to circuit race for a bit and bought an S14a and played with that for a bit. After one round at Lakeside I decided the cost was going to be too much if I wanted to do all the mods I would want/need for the car to be good and safe on track. Her are some pics of it:















Ok, so now onto the NEW 47UNE machine. I bought this 1991 S13 Silvia with a few nice mods a month or so ago and have started the build since then. Here are some pics of when I first got it home after a mammoth drive with a car trailer from the Sunshine Coast to almost Toowoomba to pick it up.









I will edit the first post to include a full Modifications list and keep updating it as I build up the car.


More pics and build info coming soon, just uploading pics etc now.


So from there I did a few minor things for roadworthy - battery holder, a split fuel line and tyres (on the new rims). Put some standard seats back in it, fitted my good head unit and removed the god forsaken veilside kit. I bought a pretty mashed front bar and straightened it up enough to use it. I will be going a full kit again soon anyway, so looks at this stage aren't too important. Wheel studs kept rotating in the hubs, so did the dodgy and welded the backs of them in.














Ok, so got a wheel alignment and the car is driving HEAPS better. With the wheel alignment the wheels are filling out the guards much better too. I just got a normal road car alignment basically because I will be daily driving this for a bit. Got some new front hubs to get rid of my dodgy welded in stud ones and fitted them up, packed a bit more grease in the bearings before I did too. Got a butt load of stuff on order for it and parts are turning up every day which is good. New steering wheel and boss kit are here and ready to go on.








Yeah, it is getting there. A lot more to do though.


Got some goodies in the mail and via courier today.....




Radiator overflow






Short shifter






Some spacers for the rear






New stainless three inch cat back with resonator and cannon






And the best for last, these awesome sheets of stickers, I LOVE them!!



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cool man, is this S13 for circuit? needs a lot of work hey :) what have you got planned for it?

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hahah yeah, it does need some good TLC, but it will get there. I would like to skid this one, but yeah, I will get back out on Lakside with it too. Plans are pretty light for a lack of better word, this is my daily at the moment so I can convince my wife it is not my "Toy" so I can buy a bike as well. So just basic things that will make me happy with it but still keep it streetable.

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Ok update time,


Removed all the sikaflex etc from the old bodykit and gave the car a general tidy up and it is looking somewhere near presentable on the outside now.


Did oil, filter and gearbox oil change and also fitted the short shifter. Tried out a dildo gear knob for a few shifts.....not for me.


Gave the cooler a quick spray with some silver paint.


Fitted my front lip - awesome mod for under $20! I have since painted the heads of the rivets to get rid of that dog collar look and it looks HEAPS better.


Bit of sticker graffiti too, mostly to cover the small crack in the dash.


Fitted new overflow bottle, fitted new front and rear strut braces.


Also got some fully sick doof doof. I have to drive the car every day and it has been a long long time since I have had a decent stereo (Back in my ricer days) so I thought I would treat myself. 10inch sub, 600watt amp running sub and front speakers, so sounding good.















So plans now: Fit all the stuff I keep ordering and have laying around. Exhaust, AVCR, rear cradle bushes, camber and toe arms, castor rods and a few more bits and bobs.

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loving the stickers on the ash tray cover... dunno about the dash though



lets see how this turns out

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UPDATE: Fitted exhaust yesterday, pictures later. It now has the genuine SR20 fart sound.....YAY??? Pulls a fair bit harder and I know the last one was restrictive because it has upped the boost by about 1.5psi.

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Come along one considering how it started, but i'm also not sure on the stickers!


Be good to see what happens!

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