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PTC Novice 3 lift comp

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With ProRawOne approaching, and quite a few lifters who have never competed or its been 6 months, I am considering having a casual novice comp open to everyone.


It will be a non sanctioned event, no singlets required etc, we will run under ProRaw rules, so lifters can get some experience using knee wraps in a competition setting ie timing the wrapping up between lifts


I'm looking at Sunday the 12th or 19th of December, either date is fine by me.


If you are interested, please post up on here. This comp is open to anyone, not just novices.


No membership to any fed required, cost is $25


You can use it to hit openers or try a new technique in a competition enviroment, like a tune up for those entering ProRaw and some lifting experience for first timers.


I'll also use the rising bar, give some experience to those that have not yet lifted with that rule before


Any ideas/questions?


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Aren't you going to come down for ProRawOne six weeks later?

*shrugs* didn't even know it was on as I haven't been paying much attention to this stuff lately as it's not a priority for me at the moment (tied up with work and other stuff :/) - good thing you mentioned it :lol:.

In answer to your question it will probably be yes :).

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