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Girl Talk

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Hey guys,


So yeah, Girltalk. Who likes him? For those of you who don't know who is, he's a DJ/Mashup master. Mashes a bunch of music together to make awesome party music, saw him at the BDO last year and he was off the chain! Anyway he's dropped a new album at the link below. ALl his albums are free as otherwise his ass would get sued by every artist that he uses...and that's a lot!




Also a quick vid of his shizite;


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This guy is nuts... On and off the stage!! I've seen him live too, he puts on an awesome live show. Nothing better to get pumped for a sat night or gym sesh than girltalk. Although I have always questioned his "live" shows, in terms of how live or real tine his mash ups are. Either way, still one of the best entertainers atm... IMO :)

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