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Weight loss help need advice

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So i am at the point in my life where i need to lose weight, my knees hurt i feel heavy all the time and i hate trying to find clothes that fit.


In early December i decided i would get fit and so i bought a bike and started riding first few outings i felt like i was dying, but before Xmas i started riding 9- 10km 5 days a week and have been setting my self a side goal of reducing the time it took to do the 10km so from 40min it has gone down to 26min and i am feeling great


i can feel my muscles under the fat but the weight and fat is not burning as expected.


i am





i have been measuring my self to look for improvement and their has been but not as hoped for


typical daily meals are


breakfast 2 eggs w/ bacon or tomatoes


Lunch fruit, smoked salmon or tuna


dinner meat and veg + pasta/ or rice (problem is the pasta i believe as we eat it every day and its one consistent item in our family that we eat and are all overweight)


i have been cutting the pasta back from 200g per day to about 50 - 100g (dry)


what i need is just a guideline of what to eat and a decent program or routine for the week some thing that will help me strip the fat away


i have searched here and havent found what i am after



please help

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With out lifting, you are going to be come a saggy floppy skinny looking guy if you keep that up.


You do understand you will need to start lifting weights in order to look good, let alone be healthy? Other wise you will end up looking like the finish product of the biggest loser.


Good effort on the riding tho, its a start to your path.

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Thanks midnight


i do understand that i cant just ride


i want to include a mix or exercises something that will help me build muscle as well i dont want to be huge but i want to be toned,


i have been trying to do some push ups on our stairs and some sit ups but


i would feel more confident with a routine


last thing i want is a skin skirt

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issue 1-current. start reading you will NOT regret it, just do as he says and work your ass off, the weight WILL come off if you work hard enough mate.


good luck


oh and stop eating pasta

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Heavy weigh training I'm told works better as ur body is still burning calories trying to repair muscles the next 3 days


I lost my first 30kg without any running what so ever. Did it all through Diet and Lifting heavy as i could 3 times per week.


Eat really well for 6 days and then have a cheat day on Saturday or Sunday where you can eat whatever you want.


Dont eat Bread, Pasta, Rice, Potato, Corn, Fruit after midday, Milk and all the obvious things like takeaway/chocolate etc.


You need to eat every 2.5-3 hours to make sure you metabolism doesnt slow down.


Lift heavy compound weights 3-4 times per week, ie Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Military Press, Dips, Rows and Chins. Aim for lower reps 3-6 for 5 or so sets. Increase the weights you are lifting whenever possible.


Oh and dont worry about getting huge, its not as easy as what everyone seems to think. Getting huge is harder and takes a fk tonne more dedication/discipline then it does to lose weight.



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i keep rreading this eat as many regular meals as possible, spaced 2-3 hours appart. Somedays i am just wayyy to full to do so... no matter how small the meals are. Is it because my body is so used to 3 main meals a day?


You get used to it mate, it's critical to eat at least 6 meals a day every 2-3 hours or you'll end up in a catabolic state.


I am cutting at the moment and if I don't eat close to what I have posted below, I feel like I am starving.


I used to eat:


6 whole eggs for breakfast


Small can of tuna + piece of fruit & almonds for brunch


Large 425g can of tuna and salad for lunch


Piece of fruit + WPI shake and almonds in the afternoon


500g of porterhouse steak + veggies for dinner


350-500g of low fat cottage cheese before bed



OP, read what Stupified has said, he has been there and done it before, and very successfully.

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Kettlebells dude, can't recommend them enough.

Jump on youtube.com and search for some basic Kettlebell excercises. I have done 2 weeks of kettlebell sessions (1 per day, 5 days a week)that last only about 40mins and i....am...f**ked after im done in the gym.

Have lost 2kg and am already much, much stronger and lifting heavier kettlebells with ease. My cardio is improving greatly aswell, more so than running. It's only been two weeks but im sticking with these things for at least another 6 months, im addicted.


Seriously dude, check em out, i swear by them.

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