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can someone help me with a plan

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hello people



anyway just a little bit... i've been trainging for a couple of months now


been on the protien drinks.. normally one early in the morning start work at 6

about 9-10 is my first break and i've been gettin in to multigrain bread with tuna

lunch is either foot long sub or rice and chicken for the sumo

once i finish around 3-4 i'll have toast with tuna then hit the gym then have a shake afterwards

followed by a dinner by the misses...

then before dinner another shake



so far i've put on some weight which is awesome... but also puttin in the gut...


i haven't been doin much cardio besides a 5-10 min bike ride(before a session at the gym) and normally just a walk along the broadwater with the misses in the afternoon if she wants to go for a walk...


i'm not sure if i should be cuttin the shake before sleep or do more cardio ??



and... i'm kinda stuck on 75kg mark!! not puttin on anymore weight....


i'm confused at the moment.... don't know how to keep puttin on the weight yet i don't want to put it in the gut too...


any help would be great and look forward to see what i can do to improve



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tell us a little more about your training. i assume ur doing weights as well but u havent mentioned what


it sounds like your getting protein in each meal so thats good


i just wrote a bit about things you could do better, then deleted it lol - just read this http://ptcfrankston.com/doc/newsletter/PTC_Newsletter_IssueNo37.html


you dont have to cut the shake before bed unless perhaps its got lots of carbs in it otherwise its fine.


doing a bit of cardio is ok and will help keep your bodyfat in check but you must understand how lean you will be, will be more determined by your diet than anything else


the more reading you do now on the subject of training and diet the quicker you will reach your goals. if not you maybe screwing around forever with no results like the rest of the general public


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my trainging is kinda restricted...


we have a small gym but i have seen some results.. but after reading that link... i think my body has gotten used to the weight


basically i switch day after day


1 day

chest 25kg dumbells 3x10

inc chest 17.5 dumbells 3x10(sometimes i have to drop down to 15 on the thrid rep)

chest flys 3reps( don't know what i push on that... its on a cable machine)

tricep pushdown on a cable mach 3 reps

followed by dips after wards


next day

back flys 10kg 3x10(dont know if that is the correct terminolgy)

seated row 3x10 (dont know the weight.... cable again)

lat pull down 3x10

after that... just a beicep curls 3x10



i'm only just starting to change it up now... including squats now. and i also want to include shoulders

just dont know how to included it into my work out... or if i should just make another day for legs and shoulders???


i think i need to up the intesity... but tend to fail and can't push out ten rep


my mate reckons i should just lift as heavy as possible and try for 6 reps... is that right ??


sorry about the novel lol... but i want to give you guys as much as info so i can gain the best for me :)


i have the motivation... gettin ready for my wedding and better well being


anyway... can't wait to hear from you :)



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ps... thanks for the link... it was a good read :)

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congrats on getting married


I think its worthwhile to understand that in changing you physique fat loss is a lot quicker an easier than gaining muscle and generally it will take longer to look bigger. not that i want to dull your enthusiasm but I just dont want you to think you will look like a bodybuilder on your wedding day lol


as cs_student mentioned you are doing too many isolation exercises and not enough compound exercises


here is a couple of poplar beginner routines to try






keep reading the ptc newsletters they will pretty much answer all your questions

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