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Skid pans 15th October 2011 Drift your car or ours

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just found a ticking noise coming from harmonic balancer after checking we have noticed the keyway in the crank has been stuffed, so motor has to come out and replace the crank..


is there any dates for the next driver traing course?






30 th is the next event wet pan fig 8 and main track


also the 14th of november will be a good place to learn

there is nothing to hit at wakie

just let us know you want to go in the biggeners group

and you want some one to go out with you and help you out


and thanks to every one for answering all the previous questions

its been a real busy week and not over yet ,at least its ending on a good note

got a cams scrutineering course in the day then drift at night

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Well that was very fun, took dad out, he called it quits after the first run and wanted to watch for the rest of the night.


Also had a go at the dry at the end of the night and that was a million times funner than the wet, looking forward to more and hopefully some pictures of my white s14 in the grass :lol:

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