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Need help with DEFECT confused.

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OK so I copt an major defect on my s13 turbo blacktop I live in ringwood VIC melb btw., i fixed most all i need now is a


roll cage cert, I don't know were to obtain



and to silence or change to a stock exhaust to pass,


now im stuck at this Do i fix all and then make appointment with EPA, do they clear all the defects plus take down the sticker? or am I lost,


I also have to get a r.w.c which is easy after it is cleared ?


and pay for rego,


also what the heck does vehicle to comply with EPA standards mean is that just the exhaust ?


and What are the good places to go to clear that arnt bastards



Very confusion.... I got a blue defect note recently of the cops when the defected the car, but I called vic roads today they said I have copd a EPA for noise as well ? im just lost so if I make any sense please try and help haha :D

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You need to change your profile to say your in Vic, not in ACT.


Good luck with the roll cage!!! Lol. Depending on which one/type you have, you will not pass. For example if it makes the sun-visors not function properly you can't use it on the road. All this can be obtained from VicRoads. They will direct you to other 'documents'.

To be honest, Vic states it can be passed, Aus gov states that it can't. So it can't pass regardless of what you do unless you do things that I'm 100% sure you are not prepared to do (not sex.. you dirty bastard lol).

Have a look at the website. Alternatively ask me specifically.


Change to stock.


Your lost.


You usually don't have to get a RWC unless your selling/buying or you've been murdered by a cops hand of the law. Depends on tester. If you are worried about what will pass and fail, I can tell you. But the list is way too long to write (AGAIN.... ffs) and your best just speaking to the mechanic that will do it.


Pay for rego? I'm not thinking you just bought the car?


Rawwwrs mate. Please go to the website. Google stuff. Emission, noise, etc.


No such thing, you can get lucky. 'Periods' come and go that it's 'known' who is a good blokes working at X place, but that never lasts.

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Remove the cage?

And a stock full exhaust will be about 120. Not that hard to do. If you didnt recieve any paperwork stating you need an epa noise test tell vicroads it was a data entry error and hope for the best


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