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rate my meal plan

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trying to put on weight. dont mind eating same stuff everyday i will start altering it afew weeks in when im happpy im getting my macros.



cal pro carbs fat




oats (100g) 376 11 58.1 8.7

whole egg (2 large) 120 12 .2 7.6

Milk (300ml) 201 10.5 14.1 12


Morning Snack


greek yoghurt (100g) 134 4.7 7.2 9.7

oats (50g) 188 5.5 30 4.3

peanut butter (20g)t.spo 125 3.1 4.1 10.5




chicken breast (130g) 198 37.7 0 5.1

bread multigr. (56g)x2 125 5 22.4 1.7




tuna (95g) 73 16.4 0 0.7

protein w.milk (120g) 716 54 106 7.1




varies each night. 800 ish calories. always a protein source and veggies etc.



Night time


not really sure what to add here.



Throughout the Day


almonds (25g) 180 5.5 1.5 16.5



totals 155 230 71.9

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How much do you weigh?


I only weigh 70kg and the diet i'm starting i'll be trying to get around 250g protein 300g carbs and 100g fat so I can bulk up tweaking will be done if I realise i'm putting on to much fat.

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mark rippetoe starting strength. 3 times a week. monday - wednesday - friday.


i read hitting my macros way more important than what time of day. also i used these-




If you are VERY LEAN or on a VERY LOW CALORIE INTAKE then protein should be higher:

- Average bodyfat, lower calorie intake = 1.25-1.5 per pound total mass

- Very lean, lower calorie intake = 1.33-2 per pounds lean mass




moderately active: 4.5 - 6.5 g/ kg (about 2 - 3g/ pound)




Average or lean: 1 - 2g fat/ kg body weight [between 0.45 - 1g total weight/ pounds]



currently weigh 71-72kg at 6"1ish. just looking to gain bit of size nothing huge.

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Your only having one shake a day correct?


Easiest way to get abit more in is add a shake in breakfast, 1 before training, 1 after training and one before bed.

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