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s13 wiring help- sr20det ECU

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Hi fello Nissan fans, need some help pleaseeee =)


I have decided to ditch my microtech lt10's and go back to the all mighty power FC.

Initially i was going to ditch the lot and start with a new loom. But this one actually isnt as bad as i thought it would be.


For example,

-Coilpack loom

-o2 sensor plug



-Water temp sensor


All this stuff is still in place and uncut. =) yay


Q1, Any one know what the 8 pin plug (A) is? Diagnostic?

It looks like the same connection as (B) plug. Only (B) has more than 8 pins.


Q2. The one labeled "plugged in" this is the dash loom yah?


Q3. Is this going to be an absolute mission?lol maybe i should just take it somewhere and dish out the dole hairs.


I have a good understanding off normal mechanical duties, And I'm no stranger to the soldering iron =p


cheers lads.

Sr20 diagram.jpg

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can't you just unplug it all and put it back to factory? Im a auto electrican in brisbane if you need a hand with the wiring.

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I was hoping so =)

As in, plus A into B? Seems to simple to be right. hah

Cheers mate.

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The dash loom has an Orange wire in it. so thats the one plugged in, in the pic up the back. At a guess id say B is spliced into the main plug for the microtec. peel the black shit back and have a look. obviously you dont need the microtec plug so you can either leave it spliced in or cut it all out and heat shrink it.. Make sure that pink and orange wire are connected though.

just download a couple pin out diagrams it will be quite simple with a couple beers and just take it slow.

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