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fouling plugs with standard exhaust

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hey guys,


So long story short got defective and organising my RWC. The problem im having is due to having z32 flow meter, 740cc injectors and aftermarket turbo with nistune ecu when i have installed my standard airbox, still with z32 attached and fitted the factory exhaust system which my rwc guy demanded i am fouling up plugs most liekly due to an airflow problem.


The plugs im running know are ngk BCPR7ES.


I was thinking possible a hotter plug might work.


The car still runs however you pull the plugs out and they are coated in black. When i give them a clean with wire brush it will run fine again for a few minutes then the same thing is happening again.


Any suggestions would be awesome

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Check that there is no vacuum leaks including any piping loose etc since changing to stock airbox.


U could try 6 heat range but doesnt seem right

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