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S15 sxytime

Whitney Houston...

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What is six inches long and didnt get sucked on valentine's day?



Whitney Houston's crack pipe !




What is the name of her new movie ?



The body bag !

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Charlie sheen made a new song.

"I will always snort you"


News of Whitney Houston's death travelled with such speed. When I heard I couldn't help but crack up with emotion. She was a real heroin. It's such a blow. She really made a hash of things though. Her life just went to pot. Someone should have kept tabs on her.


What's the difference between Whitney Houston and my car?

My car can hit 50.


Q: What did Whitney Houston and Apollo 13 have in common?

A: A major crack problem


There's going to be a huge line outside Whitney Houston's funeral next week.Which coincidentally is what killed her.


Just some jokes I posted on facebook before all these poofs acted like they cared about her.

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