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S1 to S2 Conversion S14

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Hey guys,


Always wanted to put up a story about my car, keep an online blog I guess you could say

about my s14. So here's a start.


Here's my pretty 200 :)









and then about 3 weeks ago I had a car accident, my fault.

Was trying to get around a truck going 20km's under the speed limit on main north

and when i got around him, I realised there was backed up traffic that was stopped in the left lane.

Hit a 4x4 ute stopped, at 70km.

Fortunately, I overtook an ambulance 300m before the accident..

I was fine though.




So, was time to achieve a dream, wanted to think positive and look for the benefits

of my dilemmas, time for a series 2 conversion.

Started stripping the car.






I've gotten the fan off, the fusebox and all the wiring out.

Making room for this nosecut that I have purchased from Nissmaz.

Halfcut came from Japan, SILVIA! Yay :D




Good package deal with these guys, Should be getting thsi delivered this friday, 28th march.

Comes with all the fans, radiator, aircon condensor, front bar and head lights.


Picked up some guards and a bonnet off this champion from gumtree.




As my car sits as of the 28th, wednesday morning.




So all is well, deffinitely happening, I'm missing my car of a babe ):

I've bought a lovely R31 Skyline (auto) ): to get myself around in the mean time.


I have an issue though with my engine, It hasn't been touched although

I think it's came off the passenger engine mount.

It's shifted a bit, I has to replace this plastic bit below the ball of the gear stick and

I notice that when it's in gears 2nd, 4th and reverse, it's hitting the frame of the chassis.

So it's not centered and the stick is closer to the passenger side.

And it has dropped a bit, so i'm assuming I need to replace one of the engine mounts..


Anyways, here's the start, I'll be keeping this going over time.

Hopefully to see the end of the conversion in a few months :)





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Might I mention, My gear stick has as much slack as neutral when I put the stick in any of the gears,

anyone got any input on this? thanks


I'm hoping the gearbox isn't fk'd..

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Car is ready to have the new nose welded on,

Will be getting pictures up soon-ish.


Just a question about the airbag for anyone thats knowledgeable in that area..

I've been told the airbag sensor is in the dash,

but where?

Do i need to replace it? since it has deployed...


And also, i am on a hunt for a new airbag, so if anyone can hit me up, that'd be great.



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Orrite, finally uploaded the photos,




Unpicked the half cut i got from Nissmazz.




Gave it some paint,




Had my rentals friend Graham that restores Pontiacs weld the nose on for me :D




Decided to use body filler on the edges, neaten everything up and repaint.




Then, next morning dropped the engine back in and all the parts I accumulated over the past few weeks.

I was overly keen, was surprised myself with how much I got back in after that weekend.




Fitted the FMIC that I bought off of a mate.

I thought i might aswell do this upgrade since i'm in the position to do it.




, fusebox is back in, was playing around with the reo bar and lights.

The Guards I bought are a bent dented and whacky, but you get what you pay for.




The reo bar was out by a few mm's, but i modified it and fitted it nicely.

Discovered the front bar won't sit properly due to the FMIC making contact,

So i need to shim the bottom bit of the bar and should be no worries.


Getting the rentals friend back over soon to help panel beat the guards, line everything properly,

gap it all correctly, and then give it all a paint :D




And I need to wire the driver side lights, experimented on the passenger side first, aced it, was easy.

Just got to find the time to do it.


Another thing, tried starting the car, it turns but doesn't kick.

Got the 'Car Dr' John coming out to suss out my electricals,

I had a gander at the fuel lines, they're all working

but otherwise, i'm close!

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Got the engine started this week, and took a quick video!



Tomorrow I have a rentals friend coming out to fix up the guards for me and gap it all nicely,

then hopefully paint them up :3


Then i'll be back on the road, finally have a cruise with some of you NS members!

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Shame about the crash mate,

Top work on the repairs though! Such good work



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good luck with the build dude. if you hadn't had the crash would you have bothered with the s2 conversion?

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Cheers guys for the feedback :D


I'm lucky to have my rentals and the expertise from their friend Graham.

He's done the gutsy work for me, the welding, prep'ing and soon, the painting!


good luck with the build dude. if you hadn't had the crash would you have bothered with the s2 conversion?

I've secretly always wanted a series 2 front. Instead of being utterly upset about the dilemma I got myself in,

I looked for the benefits and jumped on it straight away.


I could have probably seen my self eventually converting it anyways so.. better now I suppose :P


Will have more progress shots up in a sec.

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Okay, so it's been about a month since I last gave an update.

These things sorta take time unfortunately :l


But nonetheless, here we go for another looksie :D




Graham came over and did some lining up as my dad and I stood there for support,

not much of a panel beater..




This is the result from that day, slowly coming together nicely.




Another shot after previous work, The purple guards and bonnet sorta blend with the rest of the car,

looks like it's ready for the track :P

at this point, I took the car for more drives around the block.




Started the prep work, making those last few steps before the end.




Learnt how to use the bog, how to work with it properly, was a very educational day :P feeling confident incase some twat dents my car in a carpark later on in the future, bound to happen.




Had to go to work right after this but managed to watch Graham put the first coat of primer on the front bar.

Took alot, and let me say that again, ALOT, of sanding.




And last of all, all ready for the paint.

Just one thing left to do, before I put the car back on the road.


The very last things I need to do is to take the car to Nissan,

Get the airbag sensor unit reset, $33 at the dealer, very cheap I suppose.


Also need to suss out my abs sensor as I had a bit of an accident early this year.

$77 for the diagnosis test.


& taking the car down to Boostinoz to see if they can help me fix my boost problem.

The car jerks and the boost cuts out halfway, not exactly knowledgeable in this area

but i'm hoping it's something as simple as a loose hose, not secured properly?


I'm thinking it could be that I have the turbosmart manual boost controller wind all the way down,

which is restricting it? i'm not sure.


Anyways, heres the big update, hopefully get the paint on this weekend or next,

will update again when that's done :)


Thanks guys!

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