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sneaky fujita

My Band's EP FREE D/L (during May 2012)

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Hi there,


SPIRAL, a six piece upbeat-groove-collective I am a member of, is offering our debut, 5 track EP Songomantis, for FREE download during May.


Please support us and get to it here....





It'll sit nicely/awkwardly in your music library somewhere near Sepultura, Skrillex, Slipknot, Snoop Dogg, Soundgarden, Spandau Ballet, Spinal Tap & Stevie Wonder. Thanks for checking it out, Peace...




Shameless self promotion ends here.

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My humblest and sincerest thanks to all who checked out the band.



(The free download period is over and the EP is still available but back to something around $5AUD.)


Stay cool.

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