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Compact Flash for Canon

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Hi guys,


I started to think of buying a flash for my camera - 450d. But I want something compact - the smaller the better, as I want to mainly improve photos from dinners/parties and that sort of things.


Now I have couple of questions:


Do those flashes work noticeably better than built-in ones?

Can you recommend anything?


From the small research I did I found following:

Canon 270ex (2)

Sunpack RD2000

Nissin Di28

And probably million of others.



Or should I go for something slightly bigger, yet still cheap like Nissin Di466?

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Personally never used any of the ones you listed, but the 270ex seems like a great option. Its small and compact. Just not sure if you can tilt the head upwards so you can bounce the light?


I would get the canon 430exii. Its still pretty small and compact (in a way lol). Will be more than enough light for what you are after.

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