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I need Nissansilvia's help!

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I really really hate doing this ... But I need to ask everyone for a HUGE favour ... There is currently a competition running to win DJ Technoboy's CD Case full of CD's.

Technoboy in my opinion is the best Producer / DJ on earth and I MUST have this prize!


If you don't know who Technoboy is, he was responsible for "Kernkraft 4000 - Zombie Nation" under the alias "Dj Guis" in 2002 and since then has pioneered Hardstyle music.

Just jump on youtube and type in "Technoboy" for a taste of his awesomeness! ;)


Unfortunately, to win it you need 306958702834 facebook friends which I do not have. So I am asking for people to vote for me in this competition.

I am currently getting smashed by someone from Serbia - so we need to BRING TECHNOBOY'S CD CASE TO AUSTRALIA!!


All you need to do is click this link :



And click vote.


You might need to "LIKE" Technoboy's page to vote :



Thank you all in advance, and again I really hate doing this and I normally would not do this but I am desperate!!

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was tempted to enter that when it started, but then i saw it required effort :lol:


voted, but when i go to sydney for defqon you have to give me half your winnings.....srsly....

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Hahaha, thanks a lot!

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