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Custom/Aftermarket Windscreen Wiper Bottle

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I have recently taken the windscreen wiper bottle out of my Nissan S15 200sx. It was removed to make room for an oil cooler which now sits in its place. However, I can no longer wash my windscreen and I would like to make up (or purchase) a new bottle and place it somewhere within the engine bay.


I have kept all of the original lines, motors and other equipment that was a part of the windscreen wiper set-up.


My current plan is to make up an bottle from steel or aluminium, incorporating the original motor. I am thinking of placing it next to Brake Master Cylinder (BMC) on the firewall. A bracket will be made to hold the bottle in place and the bracket will be attached to the firewall using the two factory holes near the BMC. See the photos attached for better explanation. Excuse the dirty engine bay, I have been working on the car an it has accumulated some dust :)




The two arrows show the factory holes which could be utilised.




Bigger picture of the usable space.




I didnt think of this earlier but it may be better to use these other factory holes to attach the bracket as doing up a bolt would be easier here than at the back of the firewall. Is this a valid assumption? Does anyone know whether any of these holes are threaded (then I do not need access from behind the firewall)????




The reason for choosing this position is due to the fact that I have room to place it there and also that I dont have to lengthen or modify the original lines. I will have to run the lines up through the fender where the loom is and then feed it through a hole which is closer to where the new bottle will sit.


My main reason for this post is to see whether anyone else has done something similar on their car/s (s15 or other vehicles). I simply want some more ideas to make sure that the install works and that it looks good :).


Could anyone post some pictures for ideas?


Is there anything I should be careful of or any tips/advise I should know?


If I was to buy a bottle instead of making one, does anyone know what I could buy? Are there aftermarket options?


The perfect washer bottle would be made from Carbon Fibre however I cannot make this and I am unsure if anyone makes them.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Superchep auto, There is a universal one with the motor already in it etc for like $10 or something stupid like that, suss those out, Put it wherever you want to really...

I use one in my sil80.

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You can get universal ones. I got one from work that came spare with a new bus. I'm sure any truck spares place would have them if an auto spares place doesn't.

I relocated my battery so I had ample room where that was to mount mine. Not much help to you though.

Mount it wherever it fits and run new lines and wiring if need be, it's not expensive stuff.

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Had a look at Repco, Supercheap and Sprints today! They all do universal kits with reasonably sized plastic bottles but I didnt buy anything as they all looked cheapy. It is in a visible part of the engine bay so I dont really want a cheap plasticy bottle sitting there. I reckon I will spend the money and get something fabricated. Slammin_180 I will have a look on the Aeroflow website now.

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