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Constant Clicking From Fuel Pump Relay And Quiet Clicks Coil on Packs When Pump Switched Off

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Put this in skyline tech forum but noticed there isn't much action in there.


hey guys need some urgent help, I've got an rb25 in my 180 it having issues getting it going to get it tuned


we've just gone and fitted up a new turbo, manifold and done an injector swap on my RB25, and while everything was pulled off i tidied up the wiring under the dash, it has a custom loom but in the initial wire up I forgot to add the unswitched power as we had troubles saving the map on the power fc last tune so i thought this may have been the cause, but now we've gone to power everyhting up to set the injector values before we start the car and the fuel pump relay is constantly clicking. I have the fuel pump neg on a switch so i can isolate that and when i do we can hear a feint clicking in the coil packs (disconnected the to check if it was).


I've now disconnected all the wires i had played with and checked the power wires to the eccs relay but it still happens,


If i check earth continuity at the relay i can get a beep on the multimeter on three pins, and there fore back at the fuse panel. could it be the relay has shit itself, as i though this shouldnt happen or with the power on will this happen.


If any one has any ideas just throw them in the ring, I don't have another computer (stock or fc) at the moment to check if it will work with that but i can't see that i would have damaged anything in the computer so this shouldn't be it. I've tried a couple of things but any other ideas will be welcomed,




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