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S15 missing under load

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Hi guys,


I have a problem with my S15...When i accelerate, even slightly it will miss/splutter between 2000rpm-3500rpm. Once the revs pick up it seems to go fine, no problem. It idles fine, and doesn't seem to have any problem when cold, however the problem appears and gets worse as the engine warms up. So after the engine gets hot its pretty much undriveable.


So in summary, cold (running less than 10-15min), idle and high revs or almost zero accelerator and it is all ok but when hot, low revs and it will misfire.


Its fairly stock, just FMIC, pod, 3inch exhaust and split dump.


I just put on a brand new AFM as i thought that was the problem but it didnt help at all.

12 month old fuel pump

O2 sensor is only 18 month old.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.


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