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Soon to be an S15 owner!

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Hi everyone!


I thought this seemed like a great forum to join, as I'm soon to be purcahsing an S15! I've been an 'enthusiast' for years, and am now in more of a position (both financially and time wise!) to be able to get right into cars.


I'll be buying a low-ish K's, unmodified S15 - a manual Spec R is the plan! I have plans in terms of modification and goals, however I'm not sure whether this post is the right place to discuss that!


Anyway, I'm looking forward to doing a lot more reading here and getting into some great discussions.


I work in the medical profession, so I see cars as a great way to get away from all that, and hopefully make some new mates too!


Thanks for reading,

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Welcome, can't wait to see you spend all your hard earned wages on an S15.

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