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180sx headlights - working but go up then down an inch

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I finally replaced the retractor motor fuse that's hidden in the engine bay fuse box near the battery and my headlights now go up and back down as normal, except that when i turn my headlights on (or press the button) the headlights pop up but go down about an inch or so, it does it on both but more so the RHS one, and when i turn the lights off the lights go down but then pop up a little, again more so the RHS one.


i've tried taking the fuse out and winding it to the max height then putting it back in but it just goes back to the lower position.


I used to have the lazy eye thing but i took the switch out and re-soldered the wires cos i thought that had something to do with my lights not going up and down at all previously.


Any Ideas?

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