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Slowvia s14

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Hey mate, have you had any more track days this year? How's the car going?

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umm no nothing at all, no track time nothing,


i've installed the new turbo, 740cc, z32 AFM, and its been sitting there since, needs the lil extra work left before a proper tune but now jobless money isn't there for that until i sell a few things off lol.


just threw my 18" TE37 on today actually, looks nice but thats about it, old wheels will go up for sale and hopefully can get the ball rolling again.

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Car got tuned today, woohoo


Initial first impression.


car didn't fall apart on the dyno, already winning

they didn't have to re-do any of my work or installs again, so wiring to AFM must of been correct lol!


In my head i wanted 250kw atw and i would be happy.


as shown i fell short 15kw. i was like wait what in my head, this turbo can do this and that, but i remembered this is real life and not an internet thread.


Im not going to say its the tune or tuner. He tuned it as i wished, daily and track and safety and reliable.


now as to where that extra 15kw might of been.


Exhaust even though its a brand new JJR dump+front+de-cat 3inch from justjap, i still think improvements can be made here. i mean its still a pretty skinny dump pipe.


3inch intake can be made better. its not the best flow as it could be but hell it works and the car is driving again.


Engine health, well its old so could be due to that too + trashing and track days.


after taking all that into consideration, 15kw isnt much now when you think about it, i mean what is the actual difference, i still wont beat 300kwatw Evos.


Then i drove the car. yeah it feels like 250kwatw.. if it aint which on papper it isn't, my but tells me its bloody close enough so im happy.


Tune talk now, it drives better then stock and better then "good", down low as expected nothing fancy, not close to stock spool, but that is short lived cause when it sings, its a train wreck. 25 years to life if you will, i now know why its illegal to have power, but i love it


Next for the car, another wheel alignment is required since putting new tyres on AGAIN and being 18inch now. wash and care for it and drive it daily again. maybe even hard park it at some meets, i still may look ugly, but atleast its got a bit of grunt to back it up now.


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