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Bosch 060 fuel pump - LPH rating? hp rating?

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Hi guys, I bought my car with this fuel pump already installed, the previous owner said it is a Bosch 060 fuel pump.


im not much of a fuel pump guru so i tried googling this but no luck.


does anyone know what LPH/hp rating this is?, I am planning to go E85 and just want to know if the pump is capable of supplying the 1200cc JECS with enough juice/pressure. car is looking at 350kw atw.


if not the option is the power tune twin intank fuel setup or single bosch 400LPH intank pumps, not looking at surge tank setup,


any help appreciated

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Maybe the previous owner meant to say 040, only about 10 bolts and you'll know for sure, either way I would not trust a pump that I wasn't sure of it model / history.

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