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S13 SR20DE Ible/Running problem, need help

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Any help or suggestion on here would be a massive help because at this stage im running out things to test


Story is I spun a bearing my silvia so I bought a motor to use while I build the other one up and yesterday was its first start up and some rather annoying results


The engine is running on only three cylinders and will now not idle unless the throttle is being pulsed so it doesn't die

It cylinder one that isn't running but so far here is everything I have done to try to fix the problem


It has brand new spark plugs, leads are only 1 month old but reguardless I still tried the old leads aswell (which where running fine but still due for a change)

It has a brand new Dizzy cap, checked the rotor button and it is in resonable order


Unplugged the leads one at a time, Number one firing but not running


Unplugged the injectors one at a time and number one had a slightly noticeable drop when unplugged but when unplugging the other three car wanted to die instantly


Compression tested it where the compression was abit all over the place 1st cyl was 120, 2nd 215, 200, 4th 180

As far as I have been tolled from online research it is ment to be 160 for a healthy Sr20de


Timing has also been set when engine was out of the car and set properly


So far I have has a suggestion of trying to adjust timing with the CAS

And another suggestion of doing a leak down test

Has anyone else got any other insight into this issue?

Could is possible be a vacume problem?


At wits end after having to do alot od fiddling around with parts from old motor onto this one and a few mods aswell and its been a long three weeks so far with putting hours into this car with work aswell

Mods where a oil filter relocation and cooler kit, alloy radiator and twin thermo convertion along with light weight flywheel and heavy duty clutch

None of which should effect the engine like this

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