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Iron Chef

NEWS FLASH: S17 Crowns now available for compliance!

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There's a good reason you're hearing this from me first - we were the ones who got the S17 series on SEVS in the first place, and have been working hard on it with the workshops for the 18 months from then till now.


Two workshops, one in Melbourne, one in Sydney, now have compliance plates for:


JZS171 - Crown Estate sedan and wagon (1JZ-GTE)

UZS171 - Crown Majesta sedan (1UZ)

UZS173 - Crown Majesta (1UZ and AWD)


Landed and complied, you'll be looking at prices from $13-20K depending on kms and condition, the wagons are the most expensive.


No doubt our rivals will email you about it once they read it on the Iron Chef Facebook page :P

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