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Interior Swap Question

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Hey guys,


A question for anyone who may have experience in this before. What interior parts of an S15 will fit in an S14? more specifically, dash and roof lining. Anyone?



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The issue with the 154 dash is they made it carry through into the door cars, so it will fit yes but will it line up, I don't believe so.

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S14 is wider than the S13/S15, so there will be gaps at the side. It can be done, however the air vents on the S14 door cards must to be cut flat and fibreglassed to make it work, as they hit the dash in basic form. Much as it is on the S13, it's not a simple case of bolt it in and away you go, albeit the S13 cards at least don't have to be cut just to clear the dash.


Personally, I'd rather do the conversion with the S14, as you have so much meat protruding from the door card, it would be easy to remove the vent trim, carve the panel to fit nicely against the dash, fibre the shape from the inside, then wrap the upper section to suit. The S13 sucks it that respect, as it isn't flat, but isn't chunky enough to carve it to suit either. Not looking forward to finishing my half-started cut-and-shgut doorpanel adventure...


The Google search you could have run:



Writeup on the basic fitment of an S15 dash into S14 chassis:



Example of finished dash conversion in an S14:



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