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Proformance Parts

Proformance Parts/Definition Sliders S15

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Proformance Parts/Definition Sliders S15




This is my S15 as it sits right now.




Been contemplating a full build thread for quite some time but never got the chance.


I will update this page as updates happen, excuse my grammar I'm sure you guys only care about the pics anyway..



Sooo bit of history on the car..


We bought this S15 8 years ago and was daily'd every day by pinchy, written off multiple times, pulled straight, went through 4 Autech motors basically this car became the definition of missile.


Here's a pic of when I first got this thing. Not a single thing wrong with it.




Engine bay shot



After an encounter with an embankment money was tight so I bailed off to Sydney and left the car garaged at my olds written off as I had also lost my license for 2 and half years.


I'd like to point out at this point I wish I just sold the F**king thing haha.


After a few years of working in the big smoke and closing in on getting my license back papa smurf (my dad) suggested fixing the car. I thought f**k it why not (worst mistake ever).


At this point I had no interest in cars. So the Smurf took the car to a client of his to be pulled straight.




it also got a cwest kit, tein ha coilovers, Lenso D1Rs, yashio factory tail lights (yeh yeh i know aids as *swearing filters own me*) fully respray black with a tiny bit of gold pearl.




So finally it was back on the road and didn't look to bad. (debadged, shaved boot lock) it looked fresh imo.




Then I met a young dude locally who got me into the drifting scene...


Somewhere around this time the car was sponsored by Neotech and the entire car got decked out with all adjustable arms, coilovers etc etc


Needless as always with this car is was a matter of time till it got fcked up again, I regrettably let some ganga drive the car which saw the car go flying up yet another embankment right before matsuri leaving me sitting in my mates workshop trying to replace all the broken arms and gather cash in time alas it was not to be and I missed out.




So anyways after matsuri we slapped the car back together as quickly as possible with the nastiest parts available.




and got the car back hammering around




Surely nothing else could go wrong...


Sure enough something did. Whilst out one night with a few of the local Sydney guys I was convinced to do a big ass burnout which saw the end of Autech motor number 4. Throwing a rod straight through the side of the block.


After that I was given a lot of input as to what I should do in my mind I wanted to keep the car N/A and go Rb25de glad I didnt.


A close friend at the time said he would throw a turbo'd motor in and get the car running again so a turbo'd sr, exedy hd, nismo flywheel, ganador exhaust system and a black cooler was bought.


I got a call late one night saying the car is ready to be picked up so I grabbed my shit jumped in my mates S13 and we cruised down there threw some new wheels on the car and attempted to drive home... Yet another failure happened.


about 5 minutes away from my "mates" house the car overheated and we were fcked. Discovering one of the lines had burst. We got some water and filled the rad up and managed after a 4 hour trip to get the car back to Sydney.


After going over the car we noticed that millions of things on the car were either not done up, disconnected or just plain missing. After a few afternoons of help I got the car running a lot better.


This went on for quite some time finding random things that were done incorrect anywho..


The car then went to old mate Samuel Ocvirk to have a widebody done.






whilst Sam was working on the car his car was taken off the road so we decided take my S15 out to the peanut and share the car.


Prior to this we had some suspicion the hg was blown which was confirmed that night.


By this stage the car was getting to a point where is was much to big a risk to drive to and from Sydney every weekend so Sam took the car into his backyard to live and started using it as his daily haha.


So a few days out of matsuri we pulled the head off and put a metal hg in.


Happy days right?.... No


I also had the bright idea to buy the Gktech rack spacers. First lap at wakefield the tie rod end pulled straight off the thread leaving me absolutely shafted first run.




Luckily old mate Wok daddy from JJ had a spare and helped me change the tie rod over. Unlucky for me up the time we had finished adjusting the session was over.


After that incident I was fine for the rest of the weekend and had a great time.






By this point the car just looked like an absolute piece of shirt? I loved it.


Next up was IDA we got the car running perfectly mechanical wise and I had an alignment the day before the track day after doing some testing we realized the casper as put my castor the opposite way and the wheels were hitting all sorts of shit.


I had already paid for the day and was beat by the time we had finished testing so we decided to get down to wakefield early and fix the issues by eye in the morning.


We managed get everything adjusted enough to drive the thing.. but it wasn't good.


After around 3 15 minute sessions I got the shits with the car and packed up and headed home.


Still saw some good pics of the day..






That night I went home and established a company.. a company we now know as Proformance Parts in order to pay for track days and mods on my own car.


After that track day focus shifted to the business as many people know it isn't easy establishing a business let alone doing it whilst working another job.


For a long time the only drifting that was done was on the street. We had planned to make an appearance at Raleigh Matsuri.


I spent a solid 2-3 months driving with Dom & Sam from cursed sundays just trying to get better and better. Unfortunately things happen in their own time and as a result of forcing progress.... Yeh. Sorry Sam lol.


We had an impact which munted sams door in and destroyed his guard.


My car was by far worst off with a smashed headlight, smashed front bar, smashed gaurds, smashed bonnet, bent rad support, punctured koyo rad and a few other bits and pieces.


As mates do we didn't sit around hitting each other up for cash for broken parts or lay blame, both cars went back to Sam's as we got cracking.


I grabbed the parts to get the car moving again and we smashed it out in a weekend.


the car was missile as *swearing filters own me* by now and I was starting to get over it but driving needed to be done so oh well I guess.


We all headed down for the HnR day by this point I had put a rather large amount of parts in my car suspension wise.


BC Er coilovers

SPL traction rods

SPL camber arms

SPL toe arms

SPL castor rods

50mm extended lcas

hardrace adjustable ball joints

Hardrace lca bushes

Bonds 4 point bolt in cage

Ikeya formula tie rods

Ikeya formula tie rod ends

Replaced all my bushes

Stance cradle bushes and collars

B pillar brace


and the list goes on


We had also thrown a 4.9 diff in the car.. best/worst idea I have ever had.


Basically the drive down to wakefield was spent clenching my ass cheeks together waiting to be reamed in the car. I was still missing a headlight and the car just looked like shit.




Sure enough the car completely shat itself again sheering all the bolts off the dump leaving my exhaust hanging.


We threw the car on my mates trailer and headed home.


Around the same time I handed my resignation in at my job and commenced full time work on Proformance Parts and relocated the car and business to Kiama.


I was full on drift crazy at this point and found an insanely cheap pair of driftworks knuckles so they went in the car.




after the install I took the car out the front. Wish I got a vid of it cause the car was doing the crab lol.


As I was pulling back into the driveway all my electricals started switching off and it became obvious the loom had been pulled by the wheel.


By the time I had managed to get the car into the garage it was already way to late and 80% of the harness had been cut in half. With nothing to go off I cut the remaining wires and started running the wires through my engine bay.




I got the car running again in a few weeks after being lazy with the car.


Took it for an alignment.. haha yeh my camber was out a bit.




On the way back home from the alignment I realized I had snapped a clip coming off my battery so the car was shitting itself.


I figured Id just get a terminal and chuck that on. Did't realize I was out.


Next day went and grabbed some terminals and got the car running good again.. So to celebrate the gf and I decided to go out for breakfast.. Worst idea ever.




At this point I was done with the car. I'd had enough and lost my license for 9 months on the spot.


I stopped working on the car for about 2 months and just let it sit there.


The end.. or is it?

2 months past and I got the bug again. Started buying more and more parts for the SR20. Engine bay mounting the cooler heaps of dumb stuff, greddy mani etc etc. Painting my boot lid a color a decided not to go.. aka just wasting time.






Then a mate suggested I ditch the SR20 all together... and go a 13b this went of for a few weeks him dropping around to help out on the car and getting in my ear about 13bs I just didnt take any notice of it. Then one arvo he suggested a 1JZ. That afternoon I bought a 1JZ and a week or so later it was on my floor.




I started getting more and more ideas about what the car needed to look like to pull off a conversion like this.. So these wheels were made.




I put the wheels on and lost my shit..




it was obvious I was going to need a big mo fcker kit. So I hit up my supplier for a few options and grabbed myself a BN Blister kit with a masa bonnet.


Once again Sam headed out to help me fit up the kit. this was the outcome




Next was getting the motor in.


I grabbed a zerolift conversion kit from my supplier and got the motor sitting in also cut out the standard tubs.




Then it was time to start on the tubs.




Once the tubs were finished I started questioning my motor choice for a fair few different reasons. So rather then let myself get in to deep with the JZ conversion I figured I'd give it a month before ditching the JZ motor. Sure enough a month past and I still wasnt happy with it.






So the JZ had to go.



I got another another pair of wheels together for the fronts as temp wheels and through them on.




Bought a microtech Lt8 blind drunk from Sam... Fun times. Porky from definition sliders came through selling me a hydro with lines hella cheap.




The body harness I had extended was now looking pretty haggard so that came out. Spent some time deleting just about everything from my harness and came up with something that will work for me.


Right side is the harness ill be using.


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What are the specs on those rims bro??

They look MASSIVE.

Edited by greens14

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Build progress and story behind it is tits.!!

Well done mate don't give up sliding this thing like I'm starting to with mine

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yeah im interested in knowing what size those wheels are swell

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why the f**k would you drive that piece on the road...... hope the conversion goes well and you can smoke rubber at the track.

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