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Hello all,


This thread is for saving good threads on "How To's" for S-Chassis. If you have a useful guide on Hardtuned.net, please post the link and topic of the thread, along with the appropriate category and it will be reviewed and added to the list.


This page has been pinned for ease of navigation.


Here's a link to the Technical Section if the guide you're looking for isn't listed



Silvia - How to bolt a Turbo to N/A - SR

Silvia - Turbo Removal Guide - SR

Silvia - Rocker Stopper Install - SR

Silvia - RB25 Conversion Guide - RB

Silvia - RB20 Conversion Guide - RB

Silvia - SR20DE Shorten Intake

Silvia - Oil Pressure Gauge Install

Silvia - Installation of BOV



S13/R32 - Locking HICAS

Silvia - Remove Subframe Bushes

Silvia - Changing Brake Pads - S13 -Broken Images-

Silvia - 5 Stud Conversion - S13

Silvia - How to Shim your Diff - R200



Silvia - Apexi AVC-R Install - S14

Silvia - Apexi AVC-R Tuning - S1X

Silvia - Apexi Power FC Install - S1X

Silvia - Digital Climate Control using Analogue loom - S13

Silvia - H1 HID Headlight Bulb Installation - S13

Silvia - Auto to Manual Conversion (Wiring)

Silvia - Square Headlight Installation - S13



Silvia - Fender Brace Install - S13

Silvia - DIY Headlight Vent - 180sx



Silvia - Bosch 040 Fuel Pump Install - S13



Nssan - R200 Diff Ratios

Silvia - Turbo Reference Guide

Silvia/Z32 - Fluid Grade/Quantities Guide

S13 - Stock Wiring Colours

Silvia/S13 - ECCS Fault Codes

Silvia - Perfect Offset Guide

Silvia - Instruction Manuals

Silvia - SR20 Variations

Silvia - S15 Variations - ADM/JDM

Silvia - Vaccume Diagrams

Silvia - S15 Workshop Manual

Silvia - S14 Service Manual

General - Clutches

Silvia - JDM ECU Pinout Swap

Silvia - Catch Can Setup Ideas



General - Tips to make boost less laggier

General - Turbo Flutter - How To

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