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NEW --Level 2 Drift Series for Sth Aust. events

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LEVEL 2 is back for Sth Aust drifters for our 2 remaining TB events in 2013

Street class will be dropped (it just does not work) however ALL CARS, street, race,modified ex Pro cars are eligable to enter the new L2 comp


The L2 catagory will be back for our final two events in 2013 & run as a 2 rd series.

To be run with the final two rounds of REPCO PRO SERIES at Tailem Bend in 2013.


It has come to our attention that the gap from STREET class to PRO is much too great for a lot of drivers with very few taking what is a big step requiring .bigger budgets, better equipment, more running costs & greater commitment.


This has resulted in the sport loosing good drivers who did not wish to get too serious & move to Pro but wanted a catagory that was basically a fun class & also a stepping stone to bigger things when/if their situation permits it.


For 2013 L2 will be run at the final 2 rds of the "REPCO PRO SERIES" as their own series.

The L2 series will have t their own new format.

The new format will consist of 2 warm up /practice sessions followed by 2 heats to determine the grid for the 4 car final.

All entrants will be permitted to run the end of event expression sessions.


The L2 series will start on Sept 7th & finish on Nov2 .


The WINNER will receive a trophy free spot in the 2014 SA "REPCO PRO SERIES" 2nd & 3rd in the series will recieve trophies.

The top 2 on the day will receive trophies

Points system will be 15--12--10--8--6--5--4--3--2--1

Top qualifier will receive a bonus point.


Fees & pricing would be at a reduced amount than the Pro class.

SDA PRO TOUR comp rules will apply (except items specifically for Pro class)

The new 2013 regs are now available.


There will be a tyre rule (240TW) which will prevent the use of "trick" semi slicks.


The "NEW L2" class will be run at Tailem Bend & limited to 16 cars & drivers who have never made top 8 in any SDA - Pro event in 2012 OR who have not run in the top 8 in any SDA event in 2013.


This new L2 catagory has been extremely successful in QLD (each event has been fully booked)& if we get a good response from our SA drivers it will be included in our full state series in 2014


Expression of interest please with your name, contact no. & car details should be emailed to racelinepromo@yahoo.com

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