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My s14a build up

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Hey guys,


Since im spending most my time sitting on this site (instead of uni work lol) from now on thought id throw up my car and start a thread. Bought a shell about 3 months ago as a project and slowly started building it up over the next 2 months. This was my first proper build never having pulled an engine out before. I'll post more details of the build as soon as i have some more time. Plenty of blood, sweat, and tears pain haha really men dont cry, have been put into my new love. Makes me appreciate the car alot more building it up rather than buying one done, well worth the effort by the end and recommend others to give it a crack if you can then you'll know the feeling i have everytime you see it. Big thanks to some good mates who helped me along the way, my missus for putting up with my bitch'n when things didnt always work out and my bro for helping with costs when my broke student ass couldnt even afford bargain parts that popped up lol. Havn't chosen a name for it yet although the missus likes earnie, i like angry more :) dayummm those sexy BUT angry eyes



Heres how it currently is



  • S14 Black Top
  • Tomei cams 256
  • Tomei rocker arm stoppers
  • Tomei metal head gasket
  • Tomei Z32 AFM
  • Nismo 555cc injectors
  • GReddy T518Z turbo (8cm)
  • HPI stainless manifold
  • Stainless dump
  • Remapped ECU and loom (done in Japan)
  • GTR fuel pump
  • Utsumi 3 core 52mm copper radiator
  • GReddy FMIC (painted black for stealth)
  • Kakimoto 3" stainless straight through exhaust


Driveline & Handling:

  • NPC HD Organic clutch
  • URAS Solid Shifter
  • URAS Solid gearbox mount
  • Nismo clutch slave cylinder
  • R32 GTR Diff
  • ABS delete
  • R32 GTR brakes
  • Drilled rotors
  • GReddy Type S coilovers
  • Cusco front strut bar
  • Lenso D1R wheels
  • 18x8.5" +35 (Kumho KU31 215/35) need spacers badly lol
  • 18x10" +22 (Kumho KU31 235/35)


Wish List: Taking donations ;)

  • Muffler (next week)
  • GKTECH camber arms
  • GKTECH toe arms
  • GKTECH castor arms
  • GKTECH engine fan
  • GKTECH baffled sump
  • GReddy Multi D/A gauge (Boost/oil pressure/water temperature)
  • Luxury lip
  • DMAX roof spoiler
  • Recaro SR3 or R34 GTR seats (just some cheapish good quality seats that hug you more)
  • Nistune

Also gotta thank my parents for having my junk everywhere for 2 months, told them the build would only take about 2 weeks.. tops. haha yeah right :)














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Thanks. Its currently making 195kW @ 14 PSI. Went in to East Coast Customs 2 weeks ago to dyno it and check everything was running smoothly. When trying to put more boost throught it we had a slight knock so left it at a safe figure, the ecu was chipped and tuned in japan for this build and over here we're not able to tune those boards from what i understand . Need to get a nistune and get it tuned for our 98ron then put some more boost through it. Would be very happy with a figure of 230 kW perfect for a fun streeter IMO

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