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Aero S13, RB20, TD06, XT7'S

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so pretty much i transferd alot of parts off my daily s13 as i plan on selling it, figured id just try and keep one build thread for this car and start fresh.


I bought the car in july of 2012 with a stock 20 and 25 turbo, slapped in some seats a steering wheel and some arms. drove it 4 times last year and then blew the 25 turbo.


Decided i wanted more power and went for the td06.


had it tuned at East coast customs and it made 217.5kw at 18psi


I drove it for 4 laps before it wouldnt boost Plan is to take it back to ECC and chuck it on the dyno and see whats up with it.


Here are the Current Specs




Kinugawaga TD0620G

VPW Highmount Manifold

Tial 38MM External Wastegate

Fabulous Fabrications Intake Pipe, Dump Pipe, Screamer Pipe and 3inch Straight Through with a HKS Muffler

Fabulous Fabrications Intercooler Piping

Koyo Radiator - ( x2 11"inch comex puller fans behind it)

Front Mount Intercooler

750cc Bosch Injectors

Sard Fuel Reg

Z32 afm

Nistuned ECU

R34 N/A Brakes

Z32 5 Stud Rear Hubs

JustJap 5 Stud Front Hubs

Clutch Industries Button Clutch

Rb20 Gearbox

Welded 4.3 Ratio R180 Diff



BC Racing BR Coilovers

Steering rack moved 20mm forward(Thanks to Sam)

25mm Extended LCAS(Thanks to Sam)

Danny T Modded knuckles

S14 Tie Rods and Tie Rod Ends

Gktech Castor Arms

Gktech Camber Arms

Gktech Toe Arms

Gktech Cradle Collars

Gktech Solid Steering bush

Rear Strut brace



Wheels and Tires:



-Work XT7 17x19+17


-Work XT7 17x19+17



Bride Zeta Drivers Seat

Bride Brix Passenger seat

Cusco Half Cage

HKS EVC S Boost Controller

HKS Turbo Timer

ISC Water Temp , Oil Temp and Oil Pressure Guages

Blitz Boost Guage

Gktech Handbrake Button

Nardi Steering Wheel

Trust Grex Gearknob



Genuine Aero Front bar

Zenki 180sx Front Bar lights

Aero Chuki Side skirts

FRP Aero Pods

Dmax Roof Spoiler

Gtr Grille

J series Headlights



This was what my daily looked like




Heres some pictures of it when it had the 25 turbo






and now with the TD06


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Update time



a few things have changed.

i now have Gktech Subframe collars in, s14 tie rods and ends.

I also ended up getting my manifold machined as it warped because i couldnt fit a nut over one of the studs. (which is now fixed and has a nut on it)

i had the fuel pumped earthed aswell.

sold the GTR wing and bought a dmax boot spoiler then painted the car.


and then finally took it for a test drive

it seems the fuel pump was the issue

took it to ECC for a retune and it was running rich, now its all fixed

booked in for morning sesh on the 31st

also going to get rego on it at the end of the year,

so i might run the uras kit for the next few months than go to aero with standard front bar and ca lip


heres some pictures











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Nice. Looking at the same turbo on my RB20 S13. When does boost come on with the TD06? Want around 220kw but still be super responsive as going to be doing a fair bit of hillclimb/circuit with it.

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morning session was yesterday and i didnt have much luck haha. car was still awesome to drive and has plenty of power


did manage to drive it for 45 minutes though, have 30 minutes worth of video so ill upload that later


but pretty much my clutch has killed itself. im thinking now ill go a button clutch and rb25 box so i dont have to change to a 25 box later


also got some aero skirts and pods, a ca lip and a dmax roof lip

preety happy with the way the car handles aswell feels so good to drive since it has all the new stuff in it


will chuck some photos up when i get a chance

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Long time no update

lots of things have changed,


chucked a button clutch in , a half cage, got all my bars fully painted, had straight pipe made up by Nathan At Fabulous Fabrications, and did matsuri over the weekend.


had the best time drifting ive ever had, pushed my self heaps.


issues i ran into were a nut on the end of the manifold came loose and i didint relise, warped the manifold, spent all of saturday night and sunday driving with a huge exhaust leak , also i think one of my rear hoses has a leak, was pouring coolant out everywhere and my handbreak doesnt work.


so all in all it was a great weekend.


heres some photos and a video


i probabaly wont do much to the car for a while as im going to japan on the 7th of next month :)

575697_446022568851107_1830525279_n.jpg 1375260_1426076247603749_1092391084_n.jpg

1378211_446559615464069_1960005400_n.jpg 1378458_1426076274270413_123685746_n.jpg






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Looking at trying to get this running a bit cooler coming into summer, currently thinking of getting a thinner radiator and getting 2 spal ones one for the back and one for the front.

anybody have any other ideas? nismo thermostat?


hoping now to have it registered by december so i can take it out for the all day session in december:)

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rb20 groupie love :wub:


twin themo fans with 'S' blades and extra cooling pipe from the metal lines that bolt under on the manifold


what i have is a 32mm lobster back pipe that goes from the last cooling port thats bolted onto the intake manifold to the bit where the top rad hose bolts on has worked well for cooling

Edited by SILVIA s13

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havent updated in ages


ended up registering the car in december, and had a few things done to it.


got a new koyo rad and some decent thermos on the back pulling to help with the heat issues, chucked a muffler on it for regolyf and its sounds perfect for the street.


also sold the zenkais and bought some new wheels but have to wait for them to arrive from streeter:)

pretty happy with everything at the moment, just a few little bits and pieces to clean up and ill be stoked with it.


will update with photos in next post.

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love it man, you were in Japan same time as me. Did you skid there?

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love it man, you were in Japan same time as me. Did you skid there?


thanks man. nah i didn't drive, went to ebisu though and had a couple mates driving.

going to try go back this year though and drive



alrighty so heres some photos




1526326_633913896665080_1499412346_n.jpg1528707_594978053885428_1744070143_n.jpg 1530452_781545218528573_1264421979_n.jpg



i also bought some zenki 180sx front bar lights and standard indicators.

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should probably update this a bit more


recently did a morning session in March, my wheels hadn't arrived so i was using a mates AVS's and a heap of tyre pile skidders which were sketchy as

still had an awesome time, did some tandems for the first time and up getting tboned and destorying my steering rack. (no serious damage)

Decided to pull out the crossmember and rack all together and then pulled out the LCA's and Knuckles to be modded.

im hoping to have them all back shortly so i can re assemble the car.


also sold my CA lip and then traded my turbo front bar for A mint condition genuine Aero front bar which which i'm super stoked i got.


my new wheels also arrived to Sydney from Streeter yesterday so they should be here very soon


heres some photos from morning sesh and ill chuck up some other photos tomorrow :)




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Update time


cars almost back on the ground i ended up having some issues with the steering shaft and all the power steering lines because the crossmember had been moded, but it now has the rack moved forward, extended LCAS And modded Knuckles, new LCA balljoints, new Tie rods and Ends, new Rack Bushes and Swaybar bushes so it should be a whole new car to drive, also spent last weekend fitting up the front bar. i didnt want to trim the aero bar because it was in immaculate condition but i did one measurement and cut it perfect so it doesnt look dodgy.

Ordered some steer tyres today so hoping to have it all back on the ground by next wednesday and have the kit painted by next weekend.







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